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NXT Life


Our lifestyles can affect our genes and our genes affect our health. With the help of genetics, we know that around 25% of human longevity is determined by genetic factors, while the rest depends on lifestyle and the environment. This means that family history is a strong predictor for disease but we have a huge power to change it.

Environmental influences, stress, improper diet etc. deplete out mental and physical defense mechanisms, which are manifested as fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, pale or yellowish skin, weight changes, muscle weakness, among others.

Certain genetic variations influence our body’s ability to cope with stress and to metabolize, regenerate and maintain an optimal level of vitamins and the beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids in blood.

Having the information about our potential genetic weaknesses and with simple lifestyle changes and supplements we could improve the quality of life and achieve mental and physical harmony.

The gene variations analized in this panel will give you information about your:

  • Vulnerability to stress
  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • Vitamin Metabolism and requirements (Vitamins B, A and D)
  • Omega-3 Requirements