Zaboravili podatke?

NXT Fitness


Sports performance is a combination of multiple factors: genetics, training, nutrition, motivation, advances in equipment and other environmental factors. Up to 66% of the athlete characteristics are explained by genetic factors.

Sports genomics is a relatively new discipline that has focused on the study of genetic markers associated with athletic performance. DNA sequence variations have been associated with endurance capacity, muscle performance, predisposition to injuries, body mass composition, and psychological aptitude.

In the NXT Fitness panel, the information derived from your DNA profiling can indicate both advantages and genetic barriers that reflect on the athletic performance. Personalised and individualized training programs could enhance and exploit the genetic advantages or overcome limitations to optimise the physical fitness, sports performance and health of an athlete. Genomics can not detect or determine superior athletes, but can predict abilities and weaknesses associated with sports performance.

The gene variations analized in this panel will give you information about:

  • Muscle sprint capacity
  • Muscle endurance or power capacity
  • Sports injury resilience
  • Tendonitis risk
  • Oxygen supply to tissues
  • Muscle metabolic efficiency
  • Energy metabolism