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NXT Detox


Our body is exposed every day to toxic compounds from food additives, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, the environment or even our own metabolism. The process of detoxification is performed mainly in the liver and it involves 2 phases:

Phase I: Breaks the toxicants (with the help of CYP enzymes) to intermediate metabolites and free radicals. The activated toxicants are more dangerous than the originals, but antioxidants help to reduce the damage. The metabolites then continue to the phase II.
Phase II: The activated toxicants are transformed to water-soluble compounds and combined with molecules like glucuronic acid, sulfates, glutathione or amino acids by the enzymes MTHFR, COMT, GSTM1, GSTT1 among others. The water-soluble substances can now be excreted via urine, bile or stool.

Variations in the sequence for the enzymes responsible for the detox pathways will decrease the detox capacity of the body. The SNPs evaluated in the NXT Detox panel give information about the natural ability of the body to remove toxicants and will give us tools to recommend a dietary plan or supplements to reinforce and optimize the detoxification process.

The gene variations analized in this panel will give you information about your:

  • Detoxification Ability of the Liver
  • Folate Metabolism
  • Caffeine Metabolism and Sensitivity
  • Antioxidants Requirements
  • Detox Compounds Requirements